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Business valuation purposes

  • Purchase and sale or exchange
  • Pledge of property, mortgage
  • Attracting additional investments (emission)
  • Lease, tenant or lease rights  
  • Property disputes resolution
  • Restructuring of liabilities
  • Assignment of ownership rights
  • Merger, demerger, accession, corporization
  • Repurchase of shares from shareholders
  • Insurance of a subject property
  • Inclusion of property in the charter capital
  • Liquidation of business
  • Revaluation of assets for transfer to IFRS

Stages of business valuation process

  • Conclusion of Valuation Agreement, comprising the valuation task
  • Collecting the primary documents: statutory reporting, analytical information
  • Preparation of the introductory presentation
  • Analysis of daily management, business structure, work standards, production scheme, perspective regulations, business plans
  • Interviewing of the experts of the financial, management, technical enterprise structures
  • Identification of enterprise assets (including unique ones), defining life term of the main business-forming assets.
  • Review and analysis of the company's presence market, additional analysis of perspectives of the product and services promotion
  • Choosing methods and approaches to valuation
  • Summarizing of the valuation approaches results and defining the total value of the subject property
  • Preparation of the valuation report, internal auditing
  • Report printing
  • Presentation of the valuation report
  • Defense of the valuation report

Business Valuation Report comprises:

  • Collecting, analysis and approval of sufficiency of the Customer's documents
  • Macroanalysis of industry branch, regional review
  • Financial analysis
  • Valuation of activity risks: branch, financial, legal risks
  • Description of methods of defining the subject property market value
  • Choosing and grounding the valuation approaches
  • Valuation of the expectable subject property market value
  • Summarizing and adjustment of the intermediate results
  • Opinion as to value   
Moscow Office:
1/14, A. Severianovoy Street, Moscow, 123100, Russia
+7 (495) 707 20 16 — for corporate customers
+7 (495) 707 22 03 — for natural persons, mortgage

St.-Petersburg Office:
21 Rozenshtain Street, Business-Center, office 317,
St.-Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812) 363 12 30